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Study at home through Warakirri College

Can’t attend school?

You can still achieve your Higher School Certificate (HSC) or Year 10 Record of Student Achievement (RoSA) by studying online through Warakirri College’s free distance education program.

Who is Warakirri for?

Warakirri College is for students aged 15–22 who have disconnected from mainstream education or don’t feel comfortable in a traditional school. Students can be referred from their current school, case worker or they can apply directly to the college.

Distance education

Warakirri’s distance education program offers students flexible learning pathways, with course content and educational support provided by qualified teachers through online learning platforms.

We prioritise student wellbeing, so in this program, each student has access to a dedicated social worker who visits their home and provides them—and their families—with individualised support.

We also provide Learning Hub days throughout the year, where students participate in an excursion or learning activities aligned with the curriculum. These Learning Hub days provide opportunities for students to build relationships with other students and grow their personal and social skills that usually develop through the classroom environment.

Together, our experienced team delivers personalised assistance to students, helping them achieve their educational goals and prepare for further education and/or transitioning into the workforce once they complete their studies.

Warakirri also offers accredited curriculum with the option for students to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) if they wish.

About Warakirri

Warakirri College is registered with the NSW Educational Standards Authority to prepare students for their Year 10 Record of School Achievement (ROSA) or the HSC. Founded by MTC Australia, Warakirri College is a registered charity which receives financial support from State and Commonwealth Governments, so students do not pay fees.


To learn more about Warakirri College’s distance education and to enrol, please phone (02) 9914 3250 or email [email protected].

Please note that places are limited, so reach out to our team today!